Sunday, October 2, 2011

Digital or Print Response?

After reading both pamphlets, I think that it is important to continue printing books. The only point that makes me some what iffy of print though is how many trees are used to make them and how many of those printed books end up going to waste. However, I think that it's really important to sustain a tradition such as books given that everything else has been swept away by industrialism and technology. Books are some of the last forms of real passion. Reading books on kindles and ipads takes away the appreciation for the time and work the writer has put in. I think digital books are a great thing for readers who know they aren't going to use the book more than once and for textbooks which can be 900 pages long and huge waste of paper given their high demand. I think both options should be available for all the reasons stated in both pamphlets.


  1. You are so smart. You inspire me.

  2. I agree with you. And another thing to consider is the supposed greeness of digital publishing. Are we so very certain digital readers are great for the environment? Books are at the very least biodegradable, and composed of a renewable resource. With the constant tech upgrades which rule the present age, and likely will continue into the future what is going to happen to all the outmoded kindles, Ipads and android tablets? Although the Ipad may be marketed as recyclable in practice they will go straight to landfill I should think. And what of the rare earth metals needed to manufacture smart electronics? There is not an inexhaustible supply of these materials. It is possible print is greener than we've been told.

  3. I think that's a good point. I agree completely that from an environmental standpoint print is probably more Eco friendly even though it requires the use of trees for paper. iPads and other technologies break all the time and the chance that they are actually getting recycled and reused is very low. They are for the
    most part being sent straight to land fills and the toxic metals are then
    seeping into the earth. To me, this sounds just as, if not much worse, than the use of paper for books. And unless Dustin has proof saying otherwise then I think the use of digital books is unnecessary and not beneficial. Books have been around forever and making all books digital only takes away the importance and hard work put into them. There are many other things people can be doing to help the earth and in my opinion this isnt as significant as other things, such
    as driving fuel efficient cars and alternative energy sources.